Edouard Manet  1832-1883


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Edouard Manet Edouard Manet (1832-1883), was a French painter who helped break tradition by using his subject matter primarily for visual effect, rather than for telling a story.

Impressionism revolutionary

Since Manet's time, painting has been dominated by this concern with the importance of the picture itself, not its storytelling function. Manet is often identified with the impressionist style of painting, and he and the impressionist artists influenced each other. However, Manet refused to exhibit his works in impressionist shows. The public considered impressionism revolutionary and treated it hostilely. Manet preferred to seek popular success by exhibiting in conservative shows sponsored by the government.

Paris and Mr.Couture

Manet was born in Paris. From 1850 to 1856, he studied with the skillful but traditional artist Thomas Couture. Couture taught Manet to love technique for its own sake. From Couture, Manet learned how to use outline expressively, how to obtain a lively effect with broken brushstrokes, and how to achieve strong lighting with a minimum of tones. Manet wanted to use this technical knowledge to portray modern life in a spontaneous way. But Couture and other conservative French painters preferred sentimental storytelling.

Female nude

In 1863, Manet shoked the people of Paris with his painting Luncheon on the Grass. This picture shows a female nude at a picnic with two men in modern clothing. Many people felt that the panting was indecent. In 1865, Manet's Olympia, a painting of a female nude, created an even greater scandal. The public objected to the nude's bold pose and to the picture's severe lighting contrasts and flat silhouetted forms.


During the 1860's, Manet also painted scenes from modern history, though Biblical and ancient historical scenes were popular at the time. One painting shows the execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico in 1867. Another of Manet's modern historical scenes, Combat of the Kearsage and the Alabama (1864), shows a naval battle of the American Civil War.



"Sul balcone"


"Colazione sull'erba"


"Dipinge su barca"


"Ritratto di Emile Zola"


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Bar at the Folies Bergère

Manet's last great painting was Bar at the Folies Bergère (1882). This work is remarkable for its dazzling color and rich textures. Eduard Manet completed Bar at the Folies Bergère, in 1882, Courtauld Institute Gallery, London. The painting shows the firm modelling and bright, vivid colors that are typical of much of his work. The portrait of Manet,above, was painted by his friend Henri Fantin Latour in 1867


Manet's works of art

§ "The Absinthe Drinker" 1859 Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Copenhagen

§ "Concert in the Tuileries" 1860-62 oil on canvas National Gallery at London

§ "Street Singer" 1862 oil on canvas Museum of Fine Arts Boston

§ "Portrait of Victorine Meurent" 1862 Museum of Fine Arts Boston

§ "Mlle Victorine in the Costume of an Espada" 1862 Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

§ "Bauldaire's Mistress Reclining" 1862 Szépmüvészeti Museum Budapest

§ "Boy with a Pitcher" 1862 Art Institute of Chicago

§ "The Old Musician" 1862 canvas National Gallery of Art at Washington

§ "Woman Writing" 1862-64 pen and black ink Sterling & Francine Clark Institute Williamstown Mass

§ "Olympia" 1863 oil on canvas Musée d'Orsay Paris

§ "The Picnic" 1863

§ "Racetrack Near Paris" 1864 Art Institute of Chicago

§ "Christ with Angels" 1864 watercolor gouache and india ink on paper Musée d'Orsay Paris

§ "The Bullfight" 1864-65 Frick Collection New York

§ "The Fifer" 1866 oil on canvas Musée d'Orsay Paris




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