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Eugène Delacroix: (1798-1863), was the leader of the Romantic movement in French painting.

William Shakespeare

The writings of William Shakespeare, Lord Byron, and Sir Walter Scott inspired many of his pictures. Dante's Inferno provided the subject for his first succesful painting, The Bark of Dante, exibited in the Salon of 1822, and now in the Louvre in Paris.

Peter Paul Rubens

The colorist tradition of the Venetian painters and the dynamic baroque art of the painter Peter Paul Rubens influenced Delacroix's style of painting. He used dashing brushwork, emotional line, and bold color. He was a master of tragic subjects, and his paintings show an intense feeling unknown in works of his day.

Individual style

The classical painters of his time condemned his paintings because he disregarded established traditions. Delacroix's highly individual style and independence as an artist made him a forerunner of modern art.


After his visit to Morocco in 1832, Delacroix's canvases often dealt with harem subjects, lion hunts, and other scenes from Arab life. His paintings include Women of Algiers, Jewish Wedding in Morocco, Christ on the Cross, and The Murder of the Bishop of Liege. Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix was born at Charenton, near Paris, on April 26, 1798.

Delacroix's works of art

§ "The Abduction of Rebecca" 1846

§ "Orphan Girl in a Cemetery"

§ "Arabs Skirmishing in the Mountains" 1863 oil on canvas The National Gallery of Art Washington


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§ "Lion Hunt" 1860-61 oil on canvas Art Institute of Chicago

§ "Combat of Giaour and Hassan" 1826 oil on canvas Art Institute of Chicago

§ "The Death of Sardanapalus" 1827-28 Pastel with chalk over wash on paper Art Institute of Chicago

§ "Arab Horseman Attacked by a Lion" 1849-50 oil on panel Art Institute of Chicago

§ "The Sea of Galilee" Walters Art Gallery at Baltimore

§ "Andromeda" c. 1852 oil on canvas Museum of Fine Arts Houston Texas

§ "The Barque of Dante" 1822 oil on canvas Musee du Louvre Paris

§ "The Death of Sardanapal" 1827 oil on canvas Musee du Louvre Paris

§ "The Massacre at Chios" 1824 oil on canvas Louvre

§ "Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople on 12 April 1204 1840 Canvas Musee du Louvre Paris

§ "Liberty leading the People" Painted on 28 July 1830 to commemorate the July Revolution that had just brought Louis-Philippe to the French throne Louvre

§ "Algerian Women in Their Apartments" 1834 oil on canvas Musee du Louvre Paris

§ "The Jewish Bride of Tangier" Watercolor over lead pencil on beige paper Louvre

§ "Lion Hunt" 1854 oil sketch Musee d'Orsay Paris

§ "Arabian Horses Fighting in a Stable" 1860 oil on canvas Musee d'Orsay Paris

§ "Ovid Among the Scythians" National Gallery at London


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