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In these pages we offer a series of artists and historical paintings of  incalculable value. The best artists who have made art even more unique will be introduced in our pages, knowing that this will be appreciated by those collectors  who have made art their life-style. We know ourselves that we cannot include all, absolutely all the names of those who have contributed in writing the history of art. Therefore we await your indications regarding artists or biographies that you would like to see published.  

enjoy this pages!

Alinari Luca Guido Reni
Annigoni Pietro Guttuso Renato
Attardi Ugo Kandinskij Vasilij
Bacon Francis Klee Paul
Balla Giacomo Klimt Gustav
Bazille Frédéric Latour (De) George
Bellini Giovanni Leonardo da Vinci
Bellotto Bernardo Lichtenstein Roy
Bernini Gian Lorenzo Ligabue Antonio
Bierstadt Albert Magritte Renè
Boccioni Umberto Manet Edouard
Boetti Alighiero Mantegna Andrea
Bonfantini Sergio Manzoni Piero
Borghese Franz Mantegna Andrea
Botero Fernando Manzù Giacomo
Botticelli Sandro Masaccio
Boudin Louis Eugène Matisse Henri Emile
Brindisi Remo Messina Francesco
Bueno Antonio Michelangelo Buonarroti
Bueno Xavier Migneco Giuseppe
Burri Alberto Mirò Joan
Campigli Massimo Modigliani Amedeo
Canaletto (Giovanni Canal) Morandi Giorgio
Canova Antonio Monet Claude
Cantatore Domenico Munch Edvard
Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi) Oriani Pippo
Carpaccio Vittore Palladio (Andrea di Pietro della Gondola)
Carrà Carlo Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola)
Cascella Michele Paulucci Enrico
Casorati Felice Pellegrini Giovanni Antonio
Cassinari Bruno Picasso Pablo
Cellini Benvenuto Pirandello Fausto
Cèzanne Paul Possenti Antonio
Chagall Marc Pontormo (Iacopo Carrucci)
Cimabue (Cenni di Pepi) Poussin Nicolas
Dalì Salvador Picasso Pablo
De Chirico Giorgio Pissarro Camille
De Lempicka Tamara Raffaello Sanzio
De Pisis Filippo Rembrandt (Harmenszoon Van Rijn)
Degas Edgar Renoir Pierre Auguste
Delacroix Eugene Rivera Diego
Del Sarto Andrea Rodin Auguste
Della Francesca Piero Rosai Ottone
Della Robbia Luca Rossati Marco
Donatello (Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi) Rosso Fiorentino
Durer Albrecht Rubens Peter Paul
El Greco (DominiKos Theotokopulos) Sassu Aligi
Ernst Max Savinio Alberto
Faccincani Athos Schifano Mario
Fantuzzi Eliano Segantini Giovanni
Farina Armando Seurat George
Fattori Giovanni Sironi Mario
Fiume Salvatore Sisley Alfred
Fontana Lucio Sughi Alberto
Gauguin Paul Tamburi Orfeo
Ghirlandaio (Domenico Bigordi) Tiepolo Gian Battista
Giorgione (Giorgio da Castelfranco) Tiziano Vecellio
Giotto di Bondone Toulouse Lautrec (Henri de)
Goya Francisco Treccani Ernesto
Gonzaga G.Francesco Turcato Giulio
Greco Emilio Turner Joseph Mallord William
Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)  Utrillo Maurice
  Van Gogh Vincent
  Van Dyck Anthony
  Velàzquez Diego Rodriguez

These are just some artists with their biographies and paintings, a small  representation of that immense artistic world that has created an inseparable pillar in the History of Mankind; works  that have left their mark on epochs and lifestyles, that have caused or recorded holy wars and unions of populations,  that have outlived those who created or admired them, that enjoy the privilege  and the status of being protected and possessed by Nations that with pride and merit exhibit them as a symbol of culture and refinement. They are the historical memory of man, who by reflecting in them, sees the better part of humanity.....

 .....the positive and creative genius of people who have had the urge to pass on ideas and thoughts of civilisation not always animated by a spirit of cultural growth, but at times, only by pressing personal interests that passed over the needs of those who were  subjected to the power .. in spite of all this however, nothing can  tarnish the sense of this noble vocation, let us love it, know it, pass it on as the artists have always done, with the spirit of those pioneers who with the sweat of their brow have brought civilisation where the only law that reigned was the cruel law of “lawlessness”.


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Leonardo da Vinci



Temptation, 1880, oil on canvas, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.





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Del Sarto



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"Free Michelangelo's Universal Judgment wallpaper"


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